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Wheldrake Parish 23 June 2013 08:36
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Yesterdays meeting was excellent,pity there is so much variation between different computers to get to the same answer.
I would like to do the same again and it might be beneficial to those that weren't there yesterday.
I would like the Club to continue after the 20th March meeting but start again in the Autumn, say late September. There are always so many questions with IT and new systems we should have no trouble finding subject matter. Best regards
Mike Gardner

hi Trevor, Its play time,looking to create a new address! My yahoo opening page looks diferent to yours,top right wheel---yes---but that says toolbar settings?
ignore that then,left side, options here we go,this is it---right lets try it.
Now where has spell check gone?
I wonder if its because i am using Firefox?well lets try it anyway best regards David.

I thought I had replied to this but cant see it anywhere. It would be good to continue perhaps monthly

TREVOR - in reply to your questions:-
1. Yes, I'd love the Club to continue - same day and time, but perhaps once a month?
2. Topics: All the behind-the-scenes stuff that I'm scared of, like the Control Panel (AAAARGH!). More "general house-keeping". And how to do 'pretty' documents with columns, pictures, etc.
3. Smaller groups/own computers - this sounds good but tricky due to members' different levels of competence & interests. Would an initial questionnaire help to refine this a bit?
4. Additional suggestion from me - meetings could include a regular spot where members can suggest their own Useful Website(s) and/or Handy Hint(s) for the (possible!) benefit of others.
Finally a BIG THANK-YOU, Trevor, for all you've done so far.
Lynda X
Hi Trevor, what about a session on online banking?

A continuation of the Club meetings would be appreciated if the venue will still be available. No doubt we can discuss the most suitable time for most members. As it is a club, smaller groups could be arranged to talk about their interests in particular aspects of I.T. with more experienced members contributing their own ideas.

Perhaps any aspect of microsoft office or similar programme would be of interest and certainly the internet has a wide range of topics to discuss in its use and content.
Could we have another session on Photograph management also a session possibly for beginners
only (excluding those who already have a very good grasp of computing).
Could you also avoid holding a meeting on the first Wednesday of the month.